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And Then It Rained…

Fresno is a weird place, but tonight it got a little weirder with an unseasonal storm. That started as a thunder and lightening storm, before ultimately progressing into a full on downpour. John, Sam, & I all woke up, and just kinda enjoyed it for what it was. Now if only it were a little colder, we could finally use our fireplace.

Summer Storm.

5 day weekend.

5 day weekend.

I’ve Never Missed Anything As Much…

As I’ve missed not having a pet. It was truly a luxury I took for granted when I lived at home with my mother and Joseph. I’ve never really felt anything too momentous about my father and step-mother’s dogs because they always seem to have so many, or a new one. But I really hope to be able to get a pet soon for our little home. On quaint mornings like this it almost feels wrong to not have one.