The nouveau jam.

Def Sound & Zack Sekoff - Shepard Fairey 

Jonti - Nodlews Way Home

Teebs Feat. Austin Peralta - While You Dooooo Extended

This Traveling Man…

So I’ll be moving again soon. I’m headed into a house where two of my best friends already live. I already spend most weekends there, so it’s kind of a natural progression you could say. But I’m excited to have a space where I can truly call home again. Somewhere my roommates aren’t strangers I detest, who steal and break my things. Somewhere I can decorate, and actually have my own furniture again. Somewhere I know I’ll be happy, and safe.

This next week is spring break, and I’m headed to Phoenix to visit my mother for the week, but when I get back into town, everything should be in place for me to move in at the end of the month. I’ll be sure to post before and after photos soon!

Teebs - Lakeshore Ave.

Taylor McFerrin Feat. Nai Palm - The Antidote